Our Story

Hey there! We are very happy to have you on Purple Cow Apparel!

We are a place where you can find out of the ordinary apparel you can't find anywhere else. We are united by one passion. To "Make Life Sweeter."

Started in 2016 by two hungry and passionate college students, PCA has become a delicious destination for all of the sweet tooth peeps around the world! With a passion for baking with colorful and magical displays, Alec & Zach wanted to turn their favorite things into something they could represent, share, and display to the world every day!

We hope you will do the same and continue to follow your sweet tooth to live your best and "Make Life Sweeter!"

Why Purple Cow Apparel?

We want you to be the Purple Cow in the herd and stand out from the crowd with our unique and colorful apparel! Our mission is to spread happiness and joy around the world, with a bit of sugar of course. 

Our Calf, Violet, harnesses what it means to stand out from the crowd and be the Purple Cow! As cute and sweet as she looks on the outside she is the same within. We want you to release your inner Violet and


  The PCA BIG 4:
  1. Food. Wholesome, sweet, and (sometimes) nutritious food but also Food and pastries packed with FUN & FLAVOR. 
  2. Freedom. Freedom to live how you want to live, what, when, and where. Choose to live a life free from your worries with your favorites all under one umbrella. Showcase the sweet side of life. 
  3. Fitness.  Health, vibrancy, passion, and boundless energy. 
  4. Family. Strong-spirited familial relationships with REAL people. We want you to share the world of cooking, baking, and creating with a community of like minded people like yourself! Hone your craft and learn something new everyday! The PCA family is yours. Connect with all people from all walks of life, all faiths, and effortlessly become new friends.

Our products will only enhance this passion and will help you remember our BIG 4.

This is the reason why we love our work is to see joy and optimism spread to customers, our community, and the world of sweets!

We put every ounce of PASSION & LOVE we have in each and every product or design. We have so much fun doing our work. We are a small company with a big vision : 


"Make Life Sweeter. Milk your creativity."

 We also like to know that we have happy customers, so if you love the products you get, shoot us an e-mail at support@purplecowapparel.com or via the contact page or, even better, post pictures on your Facebook or Instagram account with our products and be sure to tag us in the posts! Review us online! 

-Zach Rubin CEO/Chief Purple Cow